Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What We Say About You When You're Not There

Girls talk. This isn't exactly a shocking revelation. But what, exactly, are we saying to our friends about you? Are we spilling every last detail of what happened between the sheets? Or are we remaining mum on the sex stuff and dissecting every aspect of your personality?

Who better to ask than those who've made a career out of writing about their mishaps and joys on the dating scene?

Tune in and listen to Judy McGuire -- who, in addition to penning the "Date Girl" column for the Seattle Weekly for the past eight years, also keeps up her Bad Advice blog and published a book, How Not to Date, which details all sorts of dates and offers advice on how to escape from the most hellish.

Joining Judy will be Twanna, a.k.a. Funky Brown Chick, whose award-winning blog, Funky Brown Chick, chronicles her feelings on men, sex and many other topics. She's also been called "one of those women who oozes sexuality." Does she belong on Sex Files or what?

Chances are, you're not dating a woman who writes about her sex and dating life. Which is why you need Judy and Twanna to tell you what they're really saying when you're not around.

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