Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TONIGHT: Try Some Full Moon Love!

We just thought we'd remind you all of our last show's "Sex Tip of the Week," because it's our quest to help all couples come together as often as possible on this big blue planet.

According to research, women are 30 percent more sexually active during the full moon. And the next full moon appears... tonight! That's right, tonight, Tuesday, October 14th.

Like all things astrological, experts can’t say exactly why this happens. Some think that the gravitational pull of the moon affects women’s menstrual cycles, making her more likely to ovulate during a full moon, which makes her more randy overall. But really, who cares why she’ll be riled up? The point is to take advantage of it! So guys? Do yourselves a favor, and find a will and a way to get the woman you love in your bed tonight so you can both have a whole night of full moon love. Getting her howling is up to you.

For more great suggestions from Anna and Amy, tune into our regular live show tomorrow to find out what women are kissing-and-telling about you when you're not around.

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