Monday, October 20, 2008

The Man's Manual

Yes, there is now a guidebook for how to be, well, you. And we must say, some of the tips in it are genius.

The book is called just that, The Man's Manual, and we highly recommend it for a fun read and some clever ideas on how to get everything you want and need.

Tune in this week as the author Gregg Stebben joins us in the studio to give you some funny but straight-talking tips on how to do all sorts of important things when it comes to sex and relationships.


* How to become a sex object
* How to avoid marriage
* How to choose the perfect gift
* How to lie
* How to breakup with someone (to whom you've probably lied)
* And, as it says on the cover, much, much more...

Also joining us will be another expert on the guy kind of life, Ron Geraci. Ron is a returning guest, the author of very funny memoir about making it work with women, The Bachelor Chronicles.

We're pretty confident Gregg and Ron will improve your life this week, with the insight you can only get when, you know, you're the ones writing the manuals yourself.

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