Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So we'll admit it. Our Faye Flam and Ron Geraci show sent you listeners into overdrive and we -- meaning our ever so knowledgeable guests -- were answering questions about every sex problem you can name (and even some you can't). Among the interesting tidbits that were unearthed during the hour:

-One study that was mentioned revealed that 60-80% of men want sex on a regular basis, while only 20% of women do.

-There may be an evolutionary reason why men like porn: scientists have learned from watching animals that a creature who's watching two others have sex may have a chance for his own go after the first guy finishes, thereby increasing his chances of being able to reproduce. So men may well enjoy getting their Jemma Jameson on simply because they're biologically programmed to like watching. How's that for an excuse?

-Foot fetishes may be linked to the fact that when little boys are growing up, there are so many places on women that they're not allowed to look that feet get more than their share of focus; thus an attachment and association between women and feet develops.

-There are devices that can be attached to people while they're watching porn to measure how excited they get.

And this is only a small taste of what was covered. What else was in between and how on earth do all those disparate facts connect? Well, find out for yourself...

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