Friday, July 25, 2008

How to Keep Her Happy

This week on Sex Files, we handed out some seriously practical advice about how to keep your girlfriend or wife in a happy, pleasured place—both in the bedroom and out. We got lots of great tips from our guests Dana B. Myers and Charlie Myers, of

* Listen to her (yes, really actually listen) and ask her questions. As if, you know, you actually care.

* Compliment her throughout the day (Try a simple sentence like: "You look so _________" and fill it in with an adjective like "lovely," "hot," "gorgeous," "beautiful," "cute as hell," or "sexy") to build up to how beautiful she looks in bed.

* Introduce her to new things in the bedroom that will drive her wild and make her want to please you in return.

But as always on the show, we found ourselves talking about a littany of oh-so-much-more than we intended. Like:

* When a 26-year-old male virgin listener should reveal his sexual status to his dates (we voted that an announcement like this can wait until the relationship reaches the bedroom on it's own)

* How a listener's wife who still isn't able to open herself up to sex (literally) even after 3 years of marriage needs to take their issue to a sex counselor. As always, if you have a situation that could benefit from professional intervention, we recommend you visit the American Association of Sexualtiy Educators, Counselors and Therapists at

* If it's possible to wean a woman off of a vibrator (yep, it is) and how.

* Why a woman sometimes loves to be thrown down on the bed and taken—which is best accompanied by an explanation like, "You're so hot, I can't take it, I need to have you right now!" Anna said she thinks that 9 out of 10 times, your woman will be into it, and the rest of the females on the panel agreed.

We debated a few topics: Should sex props & toys be introduced through pampering her in a slow, sensual way, or should you just break them out and get hot right away? Should ask if she likes what you're doing in bed or just plain do it?

And if you missed any of it, you'll just have to listen to the replay. And vow never to miss a great show again.

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