Thursday, July 3, 2008

Strip show

So what did we learn from our chat about stripping? Well, for one, some of those girls working that pole are quite a bit smarter than you may have realized. Secondly, according to Cambridge grad Ruth Fowler/Mimi:

-The managers of the clubs hold all the power. Want to get into a private room? Befriend that guy.

-If you're sitting near the stage, by all means tip! A buck is plenty -- though $5 may get you a bit more attention. But whatever you do, don't just sit there, arms folded, bills tucked away.

-Do not -- we repeat do not -- ask the girl to come home with you. That's creepy! Instead, ask her to meet you for a drink after she gets off. Or, better yet, see if you can take her to breakfast after her shift. That may well lead you to exactly where you want to be.

-Check out for any and all things stripper.

-Oh, and buy Ruth's book.

Class dismissed!

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