Friday, June 13, 2008

We Allllll Make 'Em...

...mistakes in dating, that is. Trust us, we know we women make them, too, but since it's our job to help you guys do everything right to get and keep the girl, we went over a few that some of you could use help with.

Who were our gorgeous, smart guests for the day?
Andrea Syrtash and
Laura Leu

They helped us go over some of the most basic mistakes and what we wish you would do instead:

1. Women wish you would initiate asking a girl out and making the date plans—the more detailed the better!

2. Women wish you would be chivalrous. That means opening the door of the restaurant for her, offering to hang her coat. And one suggestion wwe talked about for a while: Please pay for the first date. If you have to make it a cheap date, so be it. But a woman really likes for you to take control there.)

Women wish you wouldn't lavish too much praise on her.

Women say, "Don't try to impress her too much." If you have a great job or cool car or a skill you think will impress her, let it come up naturally in conversation; otherwise, she'll feel like you're

Of course we talked about many, many other great tips to help you seal the deal. Lucky for you, if you missed the live show, you can catch the show again Monday.

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