Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Have You Ever Felt Humiliated?

Or, should we say, have you ever actually wanted to feel that way? It's a new side of S&M you may not know about, but thanks to this week's show on Sex Files, consider yourself informed!

Our three fantastic guests this week—Rachel Kramer Bussel as well as Rob and Vittoria from—gave us a crash course in one of the unique ways to get your rocks off: through humiliation.

Vittoria gave us a sexy sampling of how she likes to feed a man's fetish of being put men down—and man, it was like nothing we've heard before, to say the least! She explained how she and the other dominating women on her site do it:
-by telling men they have small packages
-by telling men they're pathetic, lame, and losers
-by blackmailing men and threatening to tell a man's secrets to his wife or girlfriend, and more.

Vittoria and Rachel and the gang also explained how you can try a little S&M like this at home: Introduce the "tease and denial" element into your sex life. In other words, tease your partner by telling them what you want to do to them, but then pull back, deny them the pleasure, and then make them work for it.

A final special treat this week online:

Our Sex Tip of the Week: The Big Blow
Turn blowing into a fun job for the night—and we mean actually blow. Your breath, in a concentrated stream of air, is actually quite a unique tool similar to a light, sensitive touch, but able to create feelings your finger or tongue simply can't.
Try it now on yourself to see: Lightly blow on your shoulder or forearm (wherever you're showing some skin). You can blow circles or straight lines; softer and more intense. Put that blow to use tonight when you're with the woman you love (or the woman you love for now). Blow along her most sensitive areas: behind her ears, under her chin, along her neck, down the spine of her back, then across the front to her belly. We'll let you take it from there, but just know that your light breath will send shivers down her body in all sorts of ways.

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dgdino said...

sneaky, but then I felt humiliated.

I was out at a bar, I had a very good looking after me, she introduced herself by asking me If I was a good kisser, I belive the idea was to make someone jealous...
She sure did, she made me jealous.
But then , thinking of posting a line about what happened and where it did on craigslist in my city got me to feel rathar ...shitty.

So then i got stoned and wondered if sirius ever thought of creating HIGH TIMES RADIO.

I would'nt mind being a show host.
I would quit smoking cigarettes for weed.

tell them that...

Jack Theory said...

Here's what I have for you. One time I was about to go down on a girl and she had a wiener, so I played with it a little. Then I started to beat it to trannies pretty regularly and I got caught mid-beat by my then girlfriend, she called me gay and I cried. True story, except only kind of. It was embarrassing.