Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sex on the First Date Debate: The Conclusion

So what did we learn from our "Sex on the First Night Debate"? Well, let's see.

We had two well-known sex and relationship writers, Sascha Rothchild and Elise Nersesian, as our guests and all four of us chimed in on the time-honored ritual of putting out immediately.

Our anecdotes varied (Sascha spoke of a Ninja she bedded who charmed the literal pants off of her before disappearing into the night, Elise of a man who she waited many dates to sleep with who also pulled a cut and run, Amy of the fact that she needs to be really comfortable with a guy to even enjoy sex anyway so she rarely even has the desire to bed down right away and Anna of the guy she slept with on the first night because she felt he was so good-looking that she would rather give him a reason to blow her off immediately than have to deal with really trying to date him). The ultimate conclusion? There is no right answer.

Some callers opined that if they like someone, when she chooses to let him in doesn't make a bit of difference while others admitted that they operate under the old double standard and lose respect for her but keep some for themselves if she gives it up that first night.

But the caller who probably summed everything up the best was the one who simply begged us to stop overanalyzing everything.

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