Thursday, April 17, 2008

Say It Isn't True, Guys!

If you missed out on the show this week, try to catch a replay. It was a fun one! Our guests for the week were Phil and David — formerly known as Smith & Doe. They are the authors of the book What Men Don't Want Women to Know.

It was an, ahem, interesting list, to say the least. On the top of it? A statistic the authors got from interviewing 18,000 guys: Phil & David say that 96.4 percent of men have cheated, are cheating or will cheat. Ouch. As you can imagine, we girls didn't buy that high of a number. But the guys persisted with this analogy:

Phil said, basically: Let's say a guy is walking down the street and a hot girl approaches them, saying, "Hi, I'm going out of town tomorrow, and I have a fancy hotel room upstairs, and I'd like to give you great free oral sex for 10 minutes..." They claim no man would turn a deal like that down because there is no chance of being caught, and because the act of cheating sex itself is as benign to guys as eating a hamburger. They say it's true no matter how devoted he is. Hmm, we still don't buy it.

But more important, asked Anna, "Where the heck are all these women who approach men to give free oral sex with fancy hotel rooms rented upstairs?!"

And I want to know: What kind of hamburger?

We got a mad influx of listener calls (at 888-99-MAXIM as always) that ranged from proponents who said, "They're right on!" to a guy who called them way off and real "jokers." One caller then berated them for breaking the guy code and spilling the secret beans.

Now, Anna & I couldn't help but disagree with most of the things Phil and David said (Hey, we're women and proponents of strong relationships built on monogamy and faithfulness and trust...remember those?) But we had to admit, they made a few good points. (But don't worry, Amy was not officially "converted" to the Smith & Doe way!)

One is that the reason most men cheat is that they are searching out what David called "profound newness." Our advice? Create this profound newness at home with your partner. You can do this by trying new positions, doing it new rooms, or taking a special night or weekend to get away from the boring home environment you're used to. It can do wonders for a stale sex life.

Another interesting point they guys made? As David put it, "Fear does wonders for a relationship." While we don't agree you should be on edge about your partners whereabouts at all times, we do think you should treat your relationship like you're going to lose it — in other words, with great care and kindness. (And that goes for men and women.) Be proactive about your relationship. Keep on it. Stay close. And keep those lines of communication open.

Hey, what better way to avoid your partner encountering someone on the street with a fancy hotel room upstairs...

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you extracted the usefulness from such drivel. Yes, there ARE guys out there like this, just like there are girls, but these vast generalizations are so damaging, mainly because people believe these generalizations.

It's "guys" like these and Tom Leykis that are making things doubly-hard for the nice guys left out there (and their opinions are extreme to sell books, retain listeners, etc...). Girls now either assume all guys are like this or they want to tame the players that behave this way. An ex of mine talks about the guys she's talking to are followers of Leykis and don't want to get married. Well, ladies, more and more of you aren't attracted to the ones that do! I know, I'm generalizing, too, and clearly not all women are duped by this sensationalism, but it's definitely a disturbing trend.

Plus, what a ridiculous scenario. Ugh, so frustrating!

To top it all off, if you're a guy and disagree, you're either 1) lying, 2) a wuss, or 3) raised by women (a famous Leykis argument). These generalizations infuriate me and hopefully a strong voice for the REST of the male population starts a radio show or writes a book!

Thanks for making some useful thoughts and points out of it, though!