Thursday, August 28, 2008

Your Questions, Our Answers!

You learn something new every week...especially this week. We spent the full hour answering all the relationship and sex questions you've always wanted to ask with the help of our returning guest expert Eric Marlowe Garrison, Consulting Sexologist. Reach him at his new web site:

Oh, the things we covered, like...

How to approach a woman in Starbucks. (Asking about her cinnamon latte is a good start.)

How to talk to a woman you notice when you're hanging out with a group of girls. (This is a great time for a wingwoman move.)

How to slow down your climax for an "early ejaculator." Eric's tips? Use a condom during sex to lessen your sensitivity so you can last a little longer. And here's another great one: Make sure that when you're, ahem, pleasuring yourself at home alone with your bad self, you're not just doing a quick bang-up job in the bathroom. Use the time to practice lasting longer. Eventually, over time, the more you practice and lengthen the time you can keep it up alone, the longer your body will be able to do it with your partner.

And, as always, we talked about much, much more.

So thank you to our great callers, because your unique questions are what make shows like this so worthwhile! And if you have more questions for us live next week, call us at 888-99-MAXIM—or, of course, for you Blackberry folks: 888-996-2946. Until next time!

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