Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well, uh, THAT was awkward...

What a fun week on Sex Files. Anna was sorely missed, but we hope our gang of gorgeous single girls in the studio helped make up for the loss. Thanks to Sophie, Tal and Alex, we learned a lot today about How to Survive the Most Awkward Moments in Love, Dating and Sex. For instance...

Tip #1: If you have your eye on a woman but don't want to face the possibility of an awkward face-to-face rejection, consider slipping her a note at the end of the night.

That worked for Alex! After one business meeting that turned to questionable flirting, she looked down to her purse at the end of the night and found a note sitting on top of it, from her business date. On the note was a poem expressing how attracted he was to her. If you're not a poet, you don't have to go that far, but all of us agreed that slipping some kind of note might work. Try writing, "Your eyes kill me" or "I like red shirts" (if she's wearing red) or "Your laugh is infectious" or "You couldn't be more beautiful." Make it a flattering compliment. Then, add your name and number on the bottom, and if your bold move works, she'll call you!

Tip #2: If you think there's a possibility of, uh, getting some at the end of the night, make sure you come prepared with protection. And when the awkward moment comes when you want to pull out your drugstore purchase, ask her first, "Should I get something?"

Tip #3: We were torn on how to avoid the awkward "first kiss." Some girls liked the idea of asking, "Can I kiss you?" but that only works if you're gazing into her eyes, and there's already a staggering amount of sexual energy working.
If not, either tell her what you're going to do, "God, I have to kiss you." But for you nice guys out there who get "Stuck in the Friend Zone," don't ask. JUST KISS HER! She doesn't have to kiss you back. But here's hoping you give her such a good smacker, she simply can't help it.

Actually, there was just too much dang wisdom today to sum it all up here. So let's make a deal: Either catch the replay, or just be sure to tune in next week and every week thereafter so you never get stuck missing our lovely voices again!

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