Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Charm School For Boys

Men know what it's like to pursue. It's what prevents them from being alone. Right?

Not so fast. We had the Art of Charm guys -- Jordan Harbinger, Johnny Dzubak and Joshua Pellicer -- in the house and according to these three, a skilled man can get women to come on to him. And he doesn't have to be the best-looking or smartest one in the room, either.

Like a lot of the seduction teachers out there, these guys believe that projecting confidence is key. But unlike some of those others, The Art of Charm guys aren't trying to mold men into semi-jerks or cartoonish attention-seekers. Subtly projecting confidence by truly coming to believe that they're worthy is the path the A.O.C. guys feel leads to success. And body language plays a huge role. If you missed the show and want to hear the one thing that could potentially change your life, know this: never, whatever you do, lean in toward a woman when you're talking to her because you're projecting neediness. (Who knew?)

While our triumvirate helped out a couple of the callers (one in particular, who wanted to know how to get a girl he'd met the week before to pursue him -- the answer was to name when and where he wanted to see her next, forcing her to come to his part of town), those who want more need only sign up for one of their workshops. And if you do, tell them Maxim sent you. And then, of course, call into the show and regale us with stories of your success.

Speaking of which, we always want you to remember that we're here to help you. Send us your questions (either to Anna through or to Amy at so we can. Each week, we'll pick one question to answer on the air. (And we never have to even know if you were leaning in when you were typing it!)

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