Friday, November 14, 2008

We Wish You the Best in Sex and Love!

Three days ago, Maxim Radio announced it will be no more, and Sirius channel 108 will become a brand new station as of Monday. Unfortunately, our show went down with the ship.

So we just want to say thank you to all of you loyal and part-time listeners for an amazing time! The end of Sex Files on Sirius radio marks exactly two years—to the week—that the show began. And it was YOU that made the show so much fun for us, as we aimed every week to give you men the best information and advice we could from our female point of view. Did it work? We hope so!

Here's the good news: Amy and Anna will continue to work on fabulous other projects.

Amy Spencer will continue to dole out relationship and love advice. In fact, Amy is currently writing a dating book for singles due out from Running Press in Spring 2010. So mark your calendars...if they go that far ahead! And she will continue to write about relationships, lifestyle and much more in magazines like Glamour, Page Six Magazine, Health, Redbook and more. Keep up with Amy at

Anna David still brilliantly answers sex and love questions every week on G4's Attack of the Show and has two books coming out.

Anna's second novel, Bought from Harper Collins, is coming out in May 2009, and she is editing an anthology on reality shows for Harper Collins, due out in the Fall of 09. Keep up to date on Anna at

So don't be a stranger. Check in with us every once in a while! And as for your own love and sex lives, we say this:

Keep communicating, keep showing affection, keep talking about your feelings (yes, even you tough guys) and as Amy always says, keep telling her she’s beautiful and she'll only become more so.

Thanks again for rolling (in the hay) with us. It truly has been real.

Amy & Anna

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superjay01 said...

Amy and Anna,
Just wanted to let you ladies know that you will be missed. My sex life and social life has improved so much because of your show on Sirius I emailed them and told them how horrible it is to loose you and maxim radio. Thanks for everything. J