Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sex and the Single Mom

We get calls and emails from lots of you guys who are dating or want to date single women who happen to have an extra appendage of sorts: a child. And as your questions indicate, it makes dating and sex pretty dang tricky.

So this week, we're doing you all one huge favor: We're bringing two sexy, sassy single moms into the studio to explain what single moms want, need and will do anything for when it comes to dating and sex. After all, single moms obviously have sex (well, they did at least once!), and seeing how difficult taking care of a child can be, they may just be dying to have some alone time with you.

So this week, we will be joined by Christine Coppa, who writes for Glamour magazine's blog Storked!, and is currently working on Rattled!, a book about surviving as a single mom due out in April.

We also have Rachel Sarah, author of the hilarious how-hard-it-is-to-date book, Single Mom Seeking

They'll tell you how to approach a single mom, what to say, what never to say, and exactly how to work your way into a single mom's heart and, well, her bedroom. Tune in for what should be a surprisingly fun and sexy show!

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